Dubai Shopping Festival 2012 :05 January – 05 February 2012

A shopaholic’s haven, a gourmand’s dream, a family’s delight and a child’s fantasy, all come true at the Dubai Shopping Festival, a month long shopping extravaganza that will take your senses for a roller coaster ride. Also known as Layali Dubai in Arabic, the festival offers a diverse range of activities that immerse you in the vibes of excitement at the desert city. Go on and experience the merriment of childhood at the Cartoon event with your very own Pokemon, Casper and Tarzan or explore the international heritage at the Global Village. You can also catch up with the latest trends at the Dubai Fashion Week or try your luck at the Raffle draw for a fabulous prize.

The Dubai Shopping Festival which started in February, 1996 has since become a great tourist attraction for visitors from around the world. Besides discounted shopping sometimes up to nearly 75%, there are other activities for the whole family such as raffle draws, music concerts, fashion shows, children’s events and lots more.

Dubai in the UAE is an ultra modern city both a dynamic international business centre and a laid back tourist escape. One of its greatest visitor attractions is duty free shopping - whatever you want, from couture to coffee pots, you will find it here!

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