Foreign Tourist Arrivals grows 4.7pc

Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) during the Month of November, 2011 was 6.37 lakh as compared to FTAs of 6.08 lakh during the month of November, 2010 and 5.41 lakh in October, 2009.There has been a growth of 4.7pc in November, 2011 over November, 2010 as compared to a growth of 12.3 pc registered in November 2010 over November, 2009.

 The growth rate of 4.7pc in November 2011 is lower than 11pc growth rate observed in October, 2011 over October 2010. FTAs during the period January-November, 2011 were 55.75 lakh with a growth of 9.4pc , as compared to the FTAs of 50.96 lakh with a growth of 11.9 pc during January-November 2010 over the corresponding period of 2009. Foreign Exchange Earnings (FEE) during the month of November 2011 were Rs. 7941 crore as compared to Rs. 6516 crore in November 2010 and Rs 5523 crore in November 2009.

 FEE in USUSD terms during the month of November 2011 were USUSD 1566 million as compared to FEE of USUSD 1448 million during the month of November 2010 and USD 1185 million in November 2009. The growth rate in FEE in USUSD terms in November 2011 over November 2010 was 8.1pc as compared to the growth of 22.2 pc in November 2010 over November 2009.

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